Everything You Need…

Cloud Solutions and Data Centers:
Cloud service packages include the following items. The cloud server space enables you to access to your information anywhere on the globe and 24/7 with super fast responsiveness. Military grade (no Government Agency access) security and redundant backup of all your data. Transferring all your data onto the cloud, including data corruption safeguards. Virtual training sessions for all affected staff as well as video training library so that new staff can get up to speed with your new system. Please contact us regarding your needs of fill out this FORM to get a quick quote.

Project Management Solutions:
If you’re in need of a specialist with fiber optic installation in remote areas of Canada or the US we have you covered. If you need a project manager with medical services experience for your new hospital to get back on track then look no further. In fact we have a team of highly skilled and accredited PMs that we can probably find you a perfect for for almost any large project you are involved in.
– Medical Services
– Mining, Oil and Gas
– IT Infrastructure
– Fiber optics and Satellite
– Cloud based storage and Data Centers

First Nations Focused:
We are a first nations company and if this is a stipulation in your RFP response we would be happy to provide you with any support material you might need. There is a lot of applicable grant funding for these projects and we are always looking for opportunities to help organizations do more.

Office IT Management and Servicing:
We have the experts to help your office computers work more efficiently and make sure your data is being backed up on a regular basis. We have helped organizations improve their IT capabilities by introducing ongoing training and advised on IT departmental growth with sustainability in mind.

Connectivity Infrastructure:
Today a major part of any institution of manufacturing facility requires a robust and redundant connectivity strategy. We have the specialist to help in the planning stages as well as the teams in place to implement almost any size project. If you’re building a new hospital wing in a major metropolitan center or are mining for gold on the Yukon we can help.